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we survived January!

Well…almost. Here in eastern Canada, January has about seven five more hours to mess with our heads, and then it’s gone, gone, GONE! Whooooot! I, for one, will NOT be sorry to see its hiney. Bye, bye January! So let’s … Continue reading

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creeping by on little sparkly sock feet

This week… …has been Something Else. Things just started HAPPENING, as though an asylum of Chaos Demons descended upon our quiet little lives, tossing us into the mayhem just to see what we would do. Then I got sick, and … Continue reading

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snapshots from the canadian prairie

Snapshot 1: Daily Plow Report Nicholas: “The plow folks came this morning.” Sandi: “Yup. I saw.” N: “You were up? What time were they here?” S: “Oh, 4:30 or so.” N: “You were up at 4:30? Ow.” S: “At least … Continue reading

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squeakily yours

A friend of mine called me this morning. I picked up the phone and squeaked “Hullo?” into the mouthpiece. A moment’s silence. Then she says: “Oh. That is so not good. You sound terrible. Why don’t you just nod REALLY … Continue reading

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friday whooooshed by

I think you all know what this cute face means… Giveaway Llama in Da House! I’m really, sincerely, truly glad that today is Giveaway Day…because I have had such an insane-asylum day that I’ve been trying to write this post … Continue reading

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wednesday was here

It’s after 5 PM already. Someone stole Wednesday. BRING IT BACK, please. I need it. (No questions asked. I am quite sure whomever took Wednesday needed it quite badly themselves, but now I need it BACK, please. Thank you.) The … Continue reading


monday, with bow ties

Let’s just start with the hat. That’s yours truly, obviously, and I’m wearing a woolly hat. INDOORS. Any questions? (-28C with windchill this morning when we left the house. One walks outside one’s door, and one loses one’s power of … Continue reading