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Down the Quilting Rabbit-Hole, With Llama In Tow

The GiveAway Llama Speaks….just a little lower on the page. Read on, lovely reader, read on…we promise you there will be Llama Drama. Part of the Drama is: How exactly does a Llama fit down a rabbit hole? Inquiring minds … Continue reading

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All the Wooly Things I’ve Been Up To

Note: The GiveAway Llama visited me early this AM. She has Stuff she wants to giveaway. I told her that this post was already a wee bit on the long side, so The GiveAway Gifts and How To Get Your … Continue reading

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yarn party!

Hi! Sandi here. I am allowing the Llama to present the giveaway prizes today because…well, frankly, YOU go and try to say “no” to a sass-head camelid like her. And because Ms. Llama “doesn’t do photos,” I am breaking up … Continue reading

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the llama has her say

Good Golly, Miss Molly, if I do not let the Giveaway Llama have her say, and have it RIGHT NOW, I will not be able to live with her a minute longer. The fuss that creature makes when I do … Continue reading

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the llama’s Thanksgiving

Remember this lovely skein of merino/cashmere silk yarn from Spirit Trail? The Giveaway Llama worked her magic this morning, and we have a winner! Congratulations, Rachel-AKA-ladygem154!! The yarn is yours, and I’ll be sending you an email shortly to work … Continue reading

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Giveaway Saturday

It’s Nicholas’ birthday today. Therefore, it’s time to give YOU a gift. So if the Giveaway Llama will kindly make her way over here… There she is! Alllll righty, then. Today, as my little way of saying “Thank you for … Continue reading

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A winner! And more tales from Vermont…

The Giveaway Llama and I have consulted the random number generator, and we have a winner! This lovely handspun yarn from a Vermont artisan goes to LEE! Wooo-HOOO and congratulations, Lee. (I’ve sent you an email so we can arrange … Continue reading

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