Melody’s Granola Recipe

Melody’s Maple Granola

Baking is Melody’s super-power.

Enjoying Melody’s baking is MY super-power. 🙂

Her most-requested recipe is for her Maple Granola. It has been requested so many times by so many people that I finally came to my senses and realized it would be easier to simply post a link on my blog, rather than constantly emailing copies far and wide.

Be warned: The amount you manage to store away after it cools will end up being considerably less than the amount that came out of the oven. Why?

Well, go on and bake up a batch for yourself, and if you (and the other folks in the house) can manage to store all of it away without grabbing at least a half handful to munch on while it is still warm, then I shall be obliged to nominate you for the Nobel Prize.

There is a ton of protein and vitamins in this stuff. I like mine golden brown and crunchy, so I bake mine an extra 5-10 min before turning, and then an additional 5-10 min after turning.

If you come up with any interesting & tasty variations, please tell us about them in the comments below!


— Sandi