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february be gone!

I think I’ve had quite enough of February. I hereby banish it with the love and kisses… …of the GIVEAWAY LLAMA! Yes, folks, I think it is time for another Deep Winter Kindness Fairy giveaway. This is a skein of … Continue reading

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knitting mojo

It’s been a busy week here at Chez Wiseheart, playing catch-up after laptop crashes and family events and the attendant chaos. I’m trying to get back into some semblance of routine, which these days involves convincing the kitties that they … Continue reading

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well, THAT was interesting

Nicholas gets to say “I told you so.” He told me that I ought to pay attention to the little noises my laptop was making. He told me that I ought to be more concerned that one corner of my … Continue reading

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walking on the keyboard

hi readers this is TIM and i’m telling you that mom had a laptop crash. i didn’t do it, though. i was napping. her laptop is at the VET or the STORE or somewhere outside where i am not allowed … Continue reading

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monday hearts

This morning, the electric tea kettle broke. (Helllloooooooo, Monday!) Our microwave is perched above my head, so I don’t like to heat liquids in it for fear of spilling hot stuff all over myself. And let’s face it, a watched … Continue reading

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good things in the wind

I’ve been thinking. Yes, I know that’s dangerous. I’ll be careful with that thinky stuff, I promise. I’ve been thinking about the blanket project, and you folks sending in your yarns…and then I had one of those cool moments where … Continue reading

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moose post and dog snow angels

I’m not sure I know what I am getting myself into here, but it seems I have set up a post box so you can send me bits of handspun to be made into a blanket. P.O. Box 26 Bolton, … Continue reading

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