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Wandering but not Lost

You folks are the best! So many great suggestions in the comments on my last post  for That Which “Shawl” Be Next On My Needles. (Heh) Your suggestions gave me a great excuse to go wandering around the Ravelry pattern database. (It … Continue reading

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Goals and Finished Objects

Goals, Sort of I dislike making New Year’s goals with a fiery dislike. I don’t like making them, because here comes March, and my goal-efforts stopped back somewhere around GroundHog Day. This year, I’m trying something a wee bit more … Continue reading

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All the Wooly Things I’ve Been Up To

Note: The GiveAway Llama visited me early this AM. She has Stuff she wants to giveaway. I told her that this post was already a wee bit on the long side, so The GiveAway Gifts and How To Get Your … Continue reading

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Annual Freaky Time, plus knitting & spinning

Why, hello there. Yes, I dropped off the blog for a while. It’s been a long, weird winter here; as I type this, we are expecting freezing rain or hail or sleet or fire and brimstone tomorrow (depending on the … Continue reading

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famous mittens and a year older

I woke up to find that I’d made it to the Yarn Harlot’s blog ON MY BIRTHDAY. Or rather, my mittens did. (Nice birthday present, Steph.) The pattern is Spring Has Sprung Mittens, and if you want a kit, the … Continue reading

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mittens and the mysteries of process

I’ve been busy finishing things. No, I’m fine, thank you. No, no fever, and I don’t need to lie down right now. Thanks, I really am OK. I finished my newest pattern, Spring Has Sprung Mittens. The good news: It’s … Continue reading

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falling down the up staircase

Ever lose your step on an escalator, or moving sidewalk? If you have, then you know that doing so results in falling harder, on sharper surfaces, with greater risk of getting hurt, and more effort required to get yourself back … Continue reading

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